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Transportation Fund

NANA Ministry is constantly on the move with transportation being a huge part of what we do on both sides of the border. Transportation costs account for a substantial part of our organizational expenses. Donating to our transportation fund allows our organization to:

  • Provide fuel to transport volunteers on both sides of the border.
  • Provide fuel to transport food, clothing, and other essential items to and from the border of Nogales Mexico.
  • Provide fuel to transport orphaned children to and from school.
  • Provide fuel to transport orphaned children to doctor appointments.
  • Repair and maintain our vehicle fleet.
  • Purchase additional vehicles when necessary.

All donations to our Transportation Fund go directly towards helping our organization move. Our organization would probably not exist were it not for the generosity of the many people that believe in our mission just like you, helping us with our many transportation expenses. 

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