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$4,340.00 Current / $15,000.00 Target / 160 Days To Go Click Here To Donate

Building Expansion Fund

NANA Ministry headquarters in Mexico is a large complex located on the top of a mountain in Nogales Sonora Mexico. The complex features an orphanage for children, which includes sleeping quarters, a cafeteria, a play area and an educational facility. NANA Ministry is currently in its third phase of development and is need of funds to assist with:

  • Purchasing of bricks and building material.
  • Power equipment costs.
  • Heavy equipment rentals.
  • Food to feed volunteers.

Every dollar that is donated goes directly towards the many building projects that NANA Ministry is in the process of completing. Watch progress being made by clicking the building fund tab in the main menu of this site. You can also plan a volunteer trip and participate in the building projects that you have helped us to fund. Our volunteer trips include free food, free room and board, and free transportation from Phoenix Arizona to Nogales Sonora Mexico.

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