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Let God Be Your Motivation

Let God Be Your Motivation

We all go about our daily lives looking for some kind of hope. Where we search for trust and inspiration relies upon what our identity is and the sort of confidence we draw from our relationship with God. We all need to depend on something that can get us up and out of our beds in the first part of the day. God designed us to be wired in this manner—to find our identity in something rather than following certain instincts.

We are motivated to look for the missing piece of the puzzle because we want to understand our meaning and purpose. Our lives will take the course in which we place our hope. A person, a place, or even a dream are all sources of hope for us. Both the way we act and who we become as a person can be influenced by this. We put our time and effort into anything we seek, and the only thing we want is for it to succeed.

However, how frequently do we discover that the things we hope for and cling to fail us? We are confronted with neediness and disappointment rather than peace and security. This is because we are relying on the things around us for our motivation and hope instead for placing that hope in the one true God.

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