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We Feed Children and Families

90,500 Meals Provided in the US and Mexico This Year.

Our organization provides thousands of meals each year to the poor and less fortunate. Because of donors like you we are able to provide all of the necessities including: 

Access To Healthcare

Our volunteers and child advocates make sure that every child that is in the care of our organization makes their doctor and dental appointments, providing everything including transportation and paying for prescribed medications.

School Tuition

Many children in Mexico don't attend school simply because their parents can't afford it. We make sure that the children in our care and in the community are able to attend school with everything they need including books and lunches.

Community Outreach

Every morning 365 days a year our volunteers transport bread and coffee to hundreds of homeless people in the United States and Mexico. We offer them encouragement for the day as well as a place to lay their head if they need to seek the Lord.

Education & Training

We offer educational assistance to the children in our care and in the community at NANA Academy located at our facility in Mexico. Our after-school academy tutors children with their homework, and coaches them toward achievement. 

Support Groups

We support and advocate for children and families to live happy lives in accordance with our mission to rescue, rebuild and reunite families and children. We offer support for the entire community, not just for the children and people that live at our facility.

Faith Based Activism

Every day our volunteers spread the gospel of God to the community abroad through outreaches that lift the spirits of the destitute giving them hope while feeding them both physical food for the bodies and spiritual food for their souls.

Helping People Yields Rewards For the Soul

What Can You Do To Help

Helping the less fortunate with even a small amount will substantially increase the quality of their lives. Studies have shown that people live happier and healthier lives when they make personal sacrifices for others. 

Schedule A Trip

Schedule an all-expenses paid volunteer trip to Mexico and discover what it is really like to give of yourself unconditionally to help another human being.

Become A Volunteer

Sign up to become a regular volunteer and help people in the community better themselves with all of your God-given talents on both sides of the border. 

Send a Donation

Sending a donation to our 100% volunteer charity ensures that the funds that you send go directly where they should go, directly to people in need.

Increased quality of life

Most people see life differently after volunteering with us and are more grateful for what they do have.

Increased closeness with God

Most volunteers believe that the experience of giving gave them a greater sense of closeness to God.

Health benefits

People the volunteer feel more healthy and alive thereby increasing their overall health and vitality. 

Mental benefits

People who experience depression can briefly feel a sense of happiness when helping others.